SHIBU Genesis Collection

SHIBU is a storytelling, community-driven NFT collection with incredible benefits for its Holders. SHIBU blends creativity and fun with the power of blockchain technology. Our NFTs aren’t just digital assets, they’re characters with their own unique style, job, and personality. With 9000 collectibles in 300 traits, SHIBU Genesis is the first chapter in our story. 

SHIBU story is divided into three chapters, each one brought to life through our upcoming collections:

  • SHIBU Genesis (female), 
  • SHIBU Alpha (male), and
  • SHIBU Phoenix (pup).

SHIBU Origin Story

Our story begins with the SHIBU Twin Sisters, Yin and Yan, who crash-landed in the Nevada desert years ago. The Army takes them as prisoners due to their unique features and uses them for countless experiments, trying to recreate their breed of SHIBU’s. Over the course of 14 months, the scientists conducted tests on a total of 8998 test subjects, a combination of a female Shiba Inu dog and DNA from a female fox, to create their own SHIBU’s.

One fateful day, test subject #412 escapes from his cage and frees Yin, Yan, and the rest of the test subjects. Together, the 9000 SHIBU’s escape the Army Base and flee into the deep forest, where they build a small village and start a community. In “SHIBU Society,” each SHIBU has their own life, personality, hobby, and responsibility, with Kibbles as their form of payment.

As the SHIBU’s continue to enjoy their newly found freedom, a sinister plan is being orchestrated by the Army Base to get Yin and Yan back together with the rest of the SHIBU’s. But what is this sinister plan, you ask? Find out in Chapter 2 of the SHIBU Origin Story.

Holders Perks


3rd - 4th Quarter 2022
  • Launch Official Website
  • Launch Official Discord
  • Launch Official Twitter Page
  • Marketing+ Community Building
  • Whitelist Giveaways/ Contest on Twitter+ Discord
  • Launch SHIBU : Genesis Collection
  • Start "SHIBU Discord Games" Win $50 in ETH each day from Mon-Fri
  • Start "SHIBU Illiquid Staking"
  • Launch SHIBU: Charity Drop
  • More Marketing & Community Building
1st Quarter 2023
  • Launch SHIBU Merch Shop with IP ownership Print on demand on selected items (February 2023)
  • Official Partnership with “Graine Ledger”
  • Marketing 1st Artist Collab Division (ACD) project: “SHIBU: Guardians Collection” (3D Collection)
  • Continue marketing Genesis Collection
  • Launch of our 1st Artist Collab Division (ACD) project: “SHIBU: Guardians Collection” (3D Art Collection) (March 2023)
  • Official Partnership with NFA
  • Official Partnership with AuraExchange
2nd Quarter 2023
  • Launch SHIBU DAO (May 2023)
  • Marketing “SHIBU GUARDIANS” (April + May 2023)
  • Launch of our 1st Artist Collab Division (ACD) project: “SHIBU GUARDIANS” (3D Art Collection) (June 2023)
  • Upgrade Diamond Hand Utility
3rd Quarter 2023
  • Launch SHIBU Marketplace ( December 2023)
  • Launch $Kibble staking (July 2023)
  • Introduction of our SHIBU discord bot for our Engage to Earn system for our discord (August 2023)
  • More marketing of the Genesis Collection with more promo’s & mint incentives.
4th Quarter 2023
  • New Merch Items in the Merch Shop
  • Liquidity for $Kibble
  • Marketing Alpha Collection
  • SHIBU Charity Fund Donation (5th of Dec 2023)
1st Quarter 2024
  • New Year Appreciation Surprise for SHIBU Holders (January 2024)
  • SHIBU Seasons Drop to Holders of Genesis collection.
  • Launch of the Alpha Collection 
  • More marketing of Alpha, Genesis 
2nd Quarter 2024
  • NFTNYC 2024 (April 2024)
  • Start Marketing Phoenix Collection (May 2024)
3rd Quarter 2024
  • $Kibble Token first halving (31st of July 2024)
  • Marketing of our 1st Annual IRL Music Event "The SHIBU Festival" (August 2024)
  • HUGE Partnership announcement for our "The SHIBU Festival"
  • Launch Phoenix collection (September 2024)
4th Quarter 2024
  • SHIBU’s 1st Annual IRL Music Event "The SHIBU Festival" (October 2024)
  • SHIBU Charity Fund Donation (5th of Dec 2024)
  • SHIBU Seasons Drop to Holders of Genesis, Alpha & Phoenix collection. (Dec 2024)
1st Quarter 2025
  • New Year Appreciation Surprise for SHIBU Holders (January 2025)
  • Start marketing 2nd Artist Collab collection (February 2025)
  • Marketing of all our launched collections

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