SHIBU Origin Story

Our story begins with the SHIBU Twin Sisters, Yin and Yan, who crash-landed in the Nevada desert years ago. 

The Army takes them as prisoners due to their unique features and uses them for countless experiments, trying to recreate their breed of SHIBU’s.

Over the course of 14 months, the scientists conducted tests on a total of 8998 test subjects, a combination of a female Shiba Inu dog and DNA from a female fox, to create their own SHIBU’s.

One fateful day, test subject #412 escapes from his cage and frees Yin, Yan, and the rest of the test subjects.

Together, the 9000 SHIBU’s escape the Army Base and flee into the deep forest, where they build a small village and start a community.

In “SHIBU Society,” each SHIBU has their own life, personality, hobby, and responsibility, with $KIBBLE as their form of payment.

As the SHIBU’s continue to enjoy their newly found freedom, a sinister plan is being orchestrated by the Army Base to get Yin and Yan back together with the rest of the SHIBU’s.

Holders Perks

SHIBU Genesis Collection on Aura Exchange

SHIBU Genesis Collection on Rarible