The Relaunch of The SHIBU GENESS NFT Collection: "Rising from the Ashes"

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About us

We are The SHIBUs, and we are a Community Driven Society in Web3. We are all about creativity, love for art, different artistic talents, business development and giving back. We have launched our own NFT Collection, SHIBU Genesis on the Ethereum Blockchain and our $YIN Token will be available on pre-sale in Gempad from February 7th until February 14th.

By being part of SHIBU, you’re not just getting involved in the exciting world of Web3 and benefit as a Holder, but you’re also contributing to a meaningful cause that impacts lives in a positive and tangible way. We can make a difference and create a better future for these children. 

Our mission

Our mission is to continue supporting children and young adults with disabilities, while also prioritizing rewarding our community members, especially our Holders. 

To create an ecosystem that contineously can reward our Holders/Investors. The reward system does not only come from our NFT Collections, but also through YIN DAO. 

What we stand for

SHIBU stands for Sincere & Honest Individuals with Business Utilties. 

Together with a Team of 8 amazing people, we are building a vibrant ecosystem that operates 24/7 to support our community.

SHIBU Collection

SHIBU is a storytelling NFT Collection, with incredible utilities. Each SHIBU has its own unique style, carreer, and personality.  SHIBU is divided into three (3) collections, each coming with its own chapter connected to one another;

  • SHIBU Genesis (Female)
  • SHIBU Alpha (Male)
  • SHIBU Phoenix (Pups)
SHIBU Charity Membership Collection

This collection is especially created for our Charity commitment. Being a holder of one of these NFTs, you are also part of the SHIBU Charity Foundation DAO. The more SHIBU Charity Membership NFTs you hold, the more voting power, and the more you support our commitment to help Children with Disabilities on a bigger scale. 

All the funds (mint and secondary) will only be used for our upcoming Charity events and Donations. 

Meet The Founders Team


Founder | CEO


Co-Founder | COO 


Co-Founder |  Founder SHIBU Charity Fund

SHIBU Charity Foundation

SHIBU Society is did not only joined Web3 to create and develop. We are here to make a positive impact, so with each milestone we achieve, we are committed to support Children with Disabilities. You can find the documented Charity events below;