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About us

SHIBU stands for Sincere and Honest Individuals with Business Utilities, we are a Community Driven Society in Web3, and we are all about creativity, love for art, different artistic talents, business development and giving back. We have launched our own NFT Collection, SHIBU Genesis on the Ethereum Blockchain and our $Kibble Token will be launched in December 2023.

By being part of SHIBU, you’re not just getting involved in the exciting world of Web3 and benefit as a Holder, but you’re also contributing to a meaningful cause that impacts lives in a positive and tangible way. We can make a difference and create a better future for these children. 

Our mission

Our mission is to continue supporting children and young adults with disabilities, while also prioritizing rewarding our community members, especially our Holders. 

A portion of every SHIBU Collection will be used for Charity events, and various donations to institutions, families and hospitals who take care of Children and Young adults with disabilities. 

What we stand for

SHIBU stands for Sincere & Honest Individuals with Business Utilties. 

Together with a Team of 8 amazing people, we are building a vibrant ecosystem that operates 24/7 to support our community.

SHIBU Collection

SHIBU is a storytelling NFT Collection, with incredible utilities. Each SHIBU has its own unique style, carreer, and personality.  SHIBU is divided into three (3) collections, each coming with its own chapter connected to one another;

  • SHIBU Genesis (Female)
  • SHIBU Alpha (Male)
  • SHIBU Phoenix (Pups)

SHIBU Project Partners

Aura Exchange

Aura Exchange is the first marketplace to reward its community with Aura. Member rewards. Launching with trading on over 700 chains including ETH, Sol, BSC, Poly and many more. The Aura Hub is an ecosystem that changes the way we web3 to drive the blockchain industry forward with our core principles of Safety, Efficiency and Education.

The Graine Ledger

The primary objective of The Graine Ledger project is to deliver an unprecedented degree of control to whiskey connoisseurs. By being able to control every small detail of your whiskey as it makes its journey through a world-class distillery, connoisseurs can now capture those notes that they cherish most or create an experimental batch unlike anything anyone has tasted before.


A tokenized private club and web3 studio.

colR is a community of people focused on advancing the way web3 can impact and fund film and entertainment ventures. We do this through our production studio arm known as House of colR and our deep relationships in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

The Hive DAO

The Hive DAO is a buzzing community of creators, developers, and enthusiasts in the dynamic world of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) projects and beyond. 

We aim to construct a Hive that encourages collaboration, networking and growth within multiple ledgers and blockchains. 

We are a swarm of like-minded, goal-oriented bees keen on creating the change we want to see in the Web3.0 landscape.

XP Network

XP.NETWORK is an ecosystem centered around a multi-chain bridge for minted NFTs. It tears down the barriers between blockchains, allowing NFTs to flow freely across networks. Connecting dApps, token minters, traders, and owners, XP.NETWORK builds the foundations for a single global NFT market.

XP Network makes it possible to transfer an NFT from one blockchain to another in seconds at a minimal cost. This means wider exposure for NFT creators, better liquidity for asset holders, and increased transaction flow for the bridged blockchains.


Our metaverse onboarding tools allow you to import your existing NFTs from different collections and convert them into playable 3D avatars.

Based on your original 2D NFT art our AI-powered technology creates an industry-standard 3D model avatar, which is playable in the Player One metaverse and other games. Each avatar is completely unique and playable only by the owner of the source NFT. Implemented using the new ERC-6551 standard your NFT also has it’s own smart contract wallet – allowing it to own other tokens, NFTs and traits autonomously, all discoverable and usable in other platforms.

The Community of Communities

The Community of Communities founded by Thy Revolution is a network of NFT projects that share a common vision of creating a decentralized and innovative Web3 ecosystem. To achieve their goals, they have partnered with Web3 services company Meta-Builders to create a massive collaboration effort. This collaboration includes a global magazine that showcases the latest developments and trends in the NFT space, as well as hundreds of brand partnerships that bring together the strengths and capabilities of various NFT projects. By working together and leveraging their collective strengths, these projects are able to achieve greater impact and drive the adoption of NFTs as a powerful tool for creativity, expression, and community-building in the Web3 world.


From the bane of black nothingness, a protuberance appeared. Like a flicker of hope for new beginnings, it fed, and grew, even larger than the multiverse herself.

Until from within its core, it tore open, with a blast that ripped through space and time, an explosion that echoed for generations to come. Particles of intense heat spread light years away from each other, and became stars, while the elemental bubbles formed the numerous planets.

Those closer to the stars evolved hotter than the rest, according to the laws of physics, and was called SCORCHED.

The Mentaverse emerged from these ruins.

Ovation Social Platform

Ovation is a web3 social platform that brings intelligent profiles, personalized portfolios, and a blockchain-enabled UI to a unified NFT social experience. 

Ovation makes web3 easier. 

Artists, projects, and enthousiasts can effortlessly and impactfully showcase their NFTs, contributions, and notoriety. 

On the timeline, users will be enabled to have more meaningful interactions due to real-time data, the ability to create unique posts, recognize post contributions, and filtering.

NFTs posted by users grants them access to holder-exclusive discussion groups or Ovation Hubs.

Physical Utility

We are a team of highly skilled professionals who are deeply passionate about the world of gaming and collecting. With over a decade of experience working with Steel and Canvas, we have decided to focus on our shared enthusiasm and enter the NFT space. Our cutting-edge facility and newly launched website provide a unique opportunity to bring your NFTs to life in the physical realm.

We are proud to serve as the central hub of the NFT universe, bringing together all projects across all chains to accomplish a single goal: empowering creators and providing value to collectors. Join us on our journey to witness the seamless integration of technology and art, and be a part of the exciting changes taking place in the NFT world.

Collab Centre

Collab Centre, the premier destination for networking, marketing, and events in the cutting-edge world of web 3. Our goal is to facilitate collaboration and innovation in the NFT industry, providing a centralized platform for project founders and moderators to connect and create impactful partnerships.

​Our Discord server serves as the central hub for collaboration within the NFT world. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including advice, advertising, graphic design, event creation, and Discord creation.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to your project’s unique needs.


<<Wazcher>> is a unique “time is $$$” video platform that incorporates “watch to earn” mechanics and includes an e-commerce component. Users are rewarded for their time and engagement with content, and the platform leverages influencers, blockchain technology, and NFTs. This innovative approach aims to empower users and disrupt traditional video platforms while also facilitating e-commerce activities.

Bravo Ideas is an innovative technique-oriented company, founded in 2012, has over 19 global patents on interactive technology.  The invention patents owned by Bravo Ideas include the most popular products such as watch-and-buy, audio-visual interaction, mixed reality, image recognition, path guidance, Ai/artificial intelligence, etc.  This company also recieve multiple world-wide awards including APEA Award two years in a role, APAC Business Award, Global 100, and International Business Award.


This MetaRides collection includes interoperable digital vehicles for use in its multiplayer game, MetaRides Racing, as well as in metaverse worlds and virtual experiences.

Through digital asset ownership, MetaRides empowers its collectors to preserve and transport their digital identities to multiple virtual platforms.

Drunken Ape Society

Drunken Ape Social Club (DASC) is an alcohol brand founded by a group of like-minded enthusiasts in Toronto, Canada. 2,888 DASC NFTs were launched on the Solana Blockchain in March of 2022.

This endeavour aimed to merge a real-world alcohol company with blockchain technology creating a brand that’s recognizable in both the real world and web3. We are currently contract distilling and selling our premium vodka and whiskey. At the same time we have extended our brand into the wine business with the introduction of WHINOs.

WHINOs is currently offering four types of wine for sale; Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Rosé and coming soon… Blue wine. Both collections offer a reward share of 50% to our NFT holders in perpetuity.

The Degen or Blockhead Show

The Degen or Blockhead Show LLC is thee groundbreaking blockchain education trivia show that has taken the world by storm. With its unique concept of combining entertainment with education, the show has become a hit among blockchain enthusiasts and novices alike. The first & 2nd season of the show has been a huge success, with viewers eagerly waiting for the next season to air.

As the popularity of the show continues to grow, the Degen or Blockhead Show LLC is slowly evolving into a full-fledged media company, with a number of shows and blockchain programming in the works for the roadmap. The company has also launched a NFT Membership collection.

Doglins Official

Doglins Official aimed at empowering individuals to become their own boss and create multiple streams of income using the power of Web3. Our goal is to provide a community of like-minded individuals with the tools and support needed to turn their dreams into a reality.

Our team, led by Christian Abbott, has been part of the Web3 community for over 18 months. Through our experiences, we have become passionate about helping individuals build successful businesses and brands by working together and supporting each other.

Wicked Evil

The essence of wicked evil lies in Ethereum blockchain with deliberate disregard for the well-being and rights of those it aims to harm.

Cassandra Club

An extraordinary NFT collection that pushes the boundaries of art and creativity. With a stunning array of 8,000 unique and mesmerizing NFTs, Cassandra Club invites you to embark on a journey into a world where imagination knows no bounds.


At Pawpular, we recognize the profound connection between humans and animals, particularly our beloved pets. Our passion is to enhance and celebrate this special bond through our mission of promoting love and connection.
Through our cutting-edge Web3 mobile application and the power of NFTs, we aim to inspire a movement of animal lovers, empowering them to prioritize their pet’s health and strengthen their unique relationship. Our goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals who share a deep appreciation for the role our furry friends play in our lives.

The Nubis Project

The Nubis project is a multi-media company focusing on cryptocurrency & NFT Artwork. Currently, our company consists of NFTs/Crypto/Media & Merch. All these branches intertwine to add more value & variety to the utility and product that we offer. We are an entertainment focused company, providing everything from short stories to music videos. We will have digital comic books, short movies, cartoons, gaming, merch & much more, all included and being produced here at Nubis. Our NFT collections and cryptocurrency “Nubis Coin” are the company’s core elements. Everything else will be to support these core flagship pieces of our brand. We focus on high utility for holders, community incentives & ease of access. Utilities include royalties back to holders, Staking, Rental services, use in gaming/entertainment releases, early access to NFT drops/Nubis Coin sale & much more.

Founders Alliance by The Royal Kingdom

We are an ELITE networking organization of project FOUNDERS. An ALLIANCE devoted to promoting WEB3 technologies, as well as providing the most up-to-date Alpha and giveaways for our audience members. Our mission is to aid web3 project leaders by providing the right resources. Together we can stabilize and ensure a higher rate of success for web3 projects. We’re not here to save the blockchain, rather to have a positive impact. If we assist projects in becoming more sustainable, then we create a safer environment for investors. This results in fewer failed projects and rugs, creating a healthier ecosystem. In the long run, every project and investor on the blockchain will benefit from our movement.


3rd - 4th Quarter 2022
  • Launch Official Website
  • Launch Official Discord
  • Launch Official Twitter Page
  • Marketing+ Community Building
  • Whitelist Giveaways/ Contest on Twitter+ Discord
  • Launch SHIBU : Genesis Collection
  • Start "SHIBU Discord Games" Win $50 in ETH each day from Mon-Fri
  • Start "SHIBU Illiquid Staking"
  • Launch SHIBU: Charity Drop
  • More Marketing & Community Building
1st Quarter 2023
  • Launch SHIBU Merch Shop with IP ownership Print on demand on selected items (February 2023)
  • Official Partnership with “Graine Ledger”
  • Marketing 1st Artist Collab Division (ACD) project: “SHIBU: Guardians Collection” (3D Collection)
  • Continue marketing Genesis Collection
  • Launch of our 1st Artist Collab Division (ACD) project: “SHIBU: Guardians Collection” (3D Art Collection) (March 2023)
  • Official Partnership with NFA
  • Official Partnership with AuraExchange
2nd Quarter 2023
  • Launch SHIBU DAO (May 2023)
  • Marketing “SHIBU GUARDIANS” (April + May 2023)
  • Launch of our 1st Artist Collab Division (ACD) project: “SHIBU GUARDIANS” (3D Art Collection) (June 2023)
  • Upgrade Diamond Hand Utility
3rd Quarter 2023
  • Launch SHIBU Marketplace ( December 2023)
  • Launch $Kibble staking (July 2023)
  • Introduction of our SHIBU discord bot for our Engage to Earn system for our discord (August 2023)
  • More marketing of the Genesis Collection with more promo’s & mint incentives.
4th Quarter 2023


  • New Merch Items in the Merch Shop
  • Liquidity for $Kibble
  • Marketing Alpha Collection
  • SHIBU Charity Fund Donation (5th of Dec 2023)
1st Quarter 2024
  • New Year Appreciation Surprise for SHIBU Holders (January 2024)
  • SHIBU Seasons Drop to Holders of Genesis collection.
  • Launch of the Alpha Collection 
  • More marketing of Alpha, Genesis 
2nd Quarter 2024
  • NFTNYC 2024 (April 2024)
  • Start Marketing Phoenix Collection (May 2024)
3rd Quarter 2024
  • $Kibble Token first halving (31st of July 2024)
  • Marketing of our 1st Annual IRL Music Event "The SHIBU Festival" (August 2024)
  • HUGE Partnership announcement for our "The SHIBU Festival"
  • Launch Phoenix collection (September 2024)
4th Quarter 2024
  • SHIBU’s 1st Annual IRL Music Event "The SHIBU Festival" (October 2024)
  • SHIBU Charity Fund Donation (5th of Dec 2024)
  • SHIBU Seasons Drop to Holders of Genesis, Alpha & Phoenix collection. (Dec 2024)
1st Quarter 2025
  • New Year Appreciation Surprise for SHIBU Holders (January 2025)
  • Start marketing 2nd Artist Collab collection (February 2025)
  • Marketing of all our launched collections

Meet The Founders Team​


Founder | CEO


Co-Founder | COO 


Co-Founder |  Founder SHIBU Charity Fund

SHIBU Charity Fund

SHIBU Society is did not only joined Web3 to create and develop. We are here to make a positive impact, so with each milestone we achieve, we are committed to support Children with Disabilities. You can find the documented Charity events below;