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SHIBU (Sincere & Honest Individuals with Business Utilities) Society was created by three (3) skillful friends who not only build a strong friendship, but also shared the same dreams and strong commitment to achieve them. Our dream is to use our skills to build a Successful & Sustainable project that not only provides tons of Value to our Members but also to give back and help those who are less fortunate(Charity). Into our skills we poured some love and creativity into our design and together we created SHIBU. 

SHIBU is an exclusive community-based project with the goal of building a Strong Members-Only Community that provides its members with Exclusive Benefits, Values & Privileges.

“A dog is a man’s best friend”, this is a term that has been known to us for about as long as we can remember. Every Shibu Society Member will be able to mint a SHIBU companion when you join our Society. To unlock the full potential of your SHIBU you must first stake it. 

There will be a total of 9000 SHIBU’s created per collection with each providing Multiple Utilities, Values & Benefits. There will be a total of 300 traits available giving every SHIBU its own Unique Style & Personality. 

There will be a total of 3(three) Collections:

  • 1st Collection   : SHIBU Genesis (Female)

  • 2nd Collection : SHIBU Male

  • 3rd Collection  : SHIBU Pup

All Our SHIBU’s represent real Jobs, Styles & Trends giving every SHIBU their own unique Style. This creates a special bond between our investors & their SHIBU.

Weekly USDC Discord Prizes

Our Discord server will be the portal that connects us with our members worldwide. It only makes perfect sense that we make this environment as fun and engaging as possible. After the launch of our Genesis Collection (1st collection) we will host weekly Trivia’s & Games in our members-only discord channel to bring fun engagement to our server. There will be funds allocated from profits of the Genesis Collection to further fund these Trivia giveaways. The weekly price will be USDC 2000 that will be divided amongst 10 lucky winners. After the launch of our 2nd collection another USDC 100.000 will be reserved for the Trivia/Games. The same will be done with profits from the 3rd collection after it has been launched. This means that we can provide for at least 40 members the chance to win USDC 200 every week when participating in our weekly Trivia’s/Games for a minimum period of 24 months (2 years). When the minimum period of 24 months has passed, we will use our Royalty Funds to extend our Discord Trivia/Game.

Building a Strong Community has always been one of our core values. Together we will stand strong & together we march forward on. With the purchase of your SHIBU, you automatically become part of our Society. This gives immediate access to exclusive benefits that is only accessible & claimable by owning a SHIBU. Our first (of many) benefit is our “Lifetime Whitelist Membership”. Members of our Genesis collection (1st Collection) will be 100% Whitelisted for our upcoming projects + partially Whitelisted for our “Artist Collaborations Division. As owner of a Genesis SHIBU, you will receive 24 hours privilege of minting future projects before Presale. This gives you as a SHIBU Owner always a bigger advantage of minting a Rare SHIBU before they even hit Presale.

Your SHIBU grants you an unlimited, worldwide license to use, copy, and display the purchased Art for the purpose of creating derivative works based upon the Art (“Commercial Use”). Examples of such Commercial Use would e.g. be the use of the Art to produce and sell merchandise products (Clothing, Sneakers etc.) or Branding of assets such as Restaurants, Small Businesses etc.) displaying copies of the Art. In other words you get Full Commercial Ownership of your SHIBU. Other trademarks or other intellectual property right belonging to SHIBU Society such as “SHIBU Society”, “SHIBU”, “$KIBBLE Token” and the associated logos are expressly reserved in the name of SHIBU Society.

There will be a Treasury wallet that will collect 2% Royalty from every SHIBU that sells on the secondhand market. These funds will be used to Buy Back and Burn SHIBU’s that are being sold at the Fixed Minimum floor price. The Fixed Minimum Floor Price will be 0.10 Eth. Just think about it for a second, if common SHIBU’s at floor price are being Bought Back and Burned it only results in the rise of value of the whole collections and ensures a steady growing Floor Price. This Utility will be active once the DAO starts (the DAO will decide the amount of SHIBU’s that will be bought back and burned from the Treasury wallet)

Every SHIBU Society Member will have the opportunity to stake their SHIBU. By staking your SHIBU you will not only receive our Utility Tokens as daily reward but simultaneously will reduce the amount of SHIBU’s on the secondhand market, which results in a faster growing floor price (which benefits all SHIBU Members).

Staking will be available after launch of our 2nd Collection. You will then be able to stake your SHIBU from the 1st & 2nd collection and receive your daily staking rewards.

As a SHIBU Society Member you gain access to our exclusive Marketplace. Our Marketplace will consist of Blue Chipped NFT’s, Official SHIBU Merch & Metaverse Lands that can only be purchased with our utility token ($Kibble). There will be an amount of USDC 500.000 allocated from the total sales of the 2nd collection to purchase the first batch of Blue Chipped NFT’s to list on our Marketplace. 

$Kibble Token will give SHIBU Society Members Decentralized Voting rights. Members will vote and submit proposals that will have a huge impact on the future & utility of the $Kibble Token& our Upcoming Projects. For example, the DAO will also have the voting right to decide what the Public Sale price of our upcoming projects will be. The possibilities are endless in our society.

After the launch of our 3rd collection, members of the Genesis Collection & 3rd collection will receive airdrop of a Fractionalized Blue Chipped NFT. This will be funded from the sales of the 3rd Collection (the DAO will decide which Blue Chipped NFT they desire to be fractionalized)

For our Loyal, Diamond Hands, Community members we have a special reward. If you hold on to two (2) Genesis SHIBU’s you will be eligible for 1x FREE MINT of our 2nd collection. If you hold on to two (2) Genesis SHIBU’s + two (2) Male SHIBU’s you will be eligible for 1x FREE MINT of our 3rd collection.

  3rd - 4th Quarter 2022

  • Launch Official Website
  • Launch Official Discord
  • Launch Official Twitter Page
  • Launch Official Facebook  and Instagram Page 
  • Marketing + Community Building
  • Whitelist Giveaways/ Contest on Twitter + Discord
  • Launch Collection #1 (SHIBU Genesis)
  • Start “SHIBU Weekly Discord Prices” Event for a minimum of 24 months
  • Start “SHIBU’s Children Charity Fund
  • More Marketing & Community Building

1st Quarter 2023

  • Share funds Community Wallet to Holders of a SHIBU NFT
  • Activation of Lifetime Whitelist Membership
  • Launch SHIBU Society Collection #2(the first 24 hours of minting are for our Lifetime Whitelist Members)
  • Add Liquidity to USDC/$Kibble Liquidity Pool + Lock LP tokens for 3 years
  • Launch SHIBU Staking
  • Receive daily $Kibble for Staking Collection #1 and/or Collection #2

2nd Quarter 2023

  • Share funds Community Wallet to Holders of a SHIBU NFT
  • Introduce $KIBBLE as Utility + Governance Token
  • Launch SHIBU DAO
  • Launch SHIBU Society Marketplace
  • Buy Metaverse Lands & Blue Chipped NFT’s for our Marketplace (pay with $KIBBLE)
  • Launch SHIBU Official Merch (pay with $KIBBLE)
  • Start Marketing Project #1 from our “Artist Collaborations Division” (ACD)
  • Launch Official Twitter Page ACD

3rd & 4th Quarter 2023

  • Share funds Community Wallet to Holders of a SHIBU NFT
  • Marketing + Community Building ACD Collection#1
  • Launch of 1st Project from our “Artist Collaborations Division” (ACD)
  • Accept $Kibble Token as payment for Collection ACD
  • Introduce Utilities ACD Collection#1
  • Marketing SHIBU Society Collection #3 (SHIBU Pup)

1st Quarter 2024

  • Share funds Community Wallet to Holders of a SHIBU NFT
  • Launch Collection #3 (the first 24 hours of minting are for our Lifetime Whitelist Members)
  • Launch SHIBU Staking Collection #3
  • Allocate funds from Total Sales of Collection #3 to further fund the Treasury Wallet
  • Fractionalized Blue Chipped NFT to staked members of collection #3
  • More Marketing + Community Building

2nd Quarter 2024

  • Share funds Community Wallet to Holders of a SHIBU NFT
  • More Marketing + Community Building

3rd Quarter 2024

  • Share funds Community Wallet to Holders of a SHIBU NFT
  • Launch of our 2nd Project from our “Artist Collaborations Division”
  • Marketing + Community Building ACD Collection#2
  • Accept $Kibble Token as payment for Collection ACD
  • Introduce Utilities ACD Collection#2
  • Enter the Metaverse (New Utilities)



Marketeer | Web Developer 


Digital Artist | Animator | Cinematographer