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Welcome to SHIBU Society

SHIBU Society is a Web3 Organisation that stands for Sincere & Honest Individuals with Business Utilities. Our team is led by four founders, Dave and Josh from the USA, and Donovan and Francisca from Suriname, who all bring unique skills and talents to the project. We work closely together, despite living in different parts of the Americas, with daily chats and weekly calls to ensure the success of our project.

SHIBU Society is all about creativity, love for art, different artistic talent and business development in web3. We have built a solid and long-term project that offers utilities designed to benefit our holders and community. Our team of 15 individuals works around the clock, with specialized Mod, Collab, Marketing, and PR teams helping to keep the project running smoothly.

At SHIBU Society, we believe in giving back. With our success, we are committed to supporting children with disabilities by donating to charities that help them. Join us on this exciting journey, where creativity, art, and business development converge, and together, we can make a positive impact in the world.

Welcome to the ever developing partner project platform! These are projects that we have a deep bond with. And super like minded! At the Shibu Society, we’re not just about our community and holders. We love to work with other project founders, where both sides can benefit! Check them out. Links are on their pfp!💚We trust these founders wholeheartedly!

🎉🎙🐕 Additionally, we hold a Twitter space every Saturday night at 8pm – 12am EST called “ⓢʜɪʙᴜ ⓢᴏᴄɪᴇᴛʏ ⓢᴀᴛᴜʀᴅᴀʏ ⓢᴘᴀᴄᴇs” (ⓢⓢⓢⓢ). This isn’t as much to do for our benefit, but rather, a platform for other projects to be excited about what they have to offer the community buy minting from YOU! We attend other people’s stage to talk about our super value packed project. Generally, numbers don’t count. INTENT does. So we welcome projects who need a little help getting out there! We do our best DYOR we can! But ultimately it’s up to the community to DYOR too! If you’re a founder that would like to participate, grab a 10 minute time slot, and……LFG! 🐕🎧😎

Project Partners

Ballistic Graffiti Club

Ballistic Graffiti Club has set out to introduce our veterans and first-responders to the expansive opportunities created by the inception of Web 3 and digital commodity. Utilizing blockchain technology and social platforms such as Twitter and Discord, we are building a community of like-minded individuals striving toward a richer state of mental, physical, and financial well-being. Through experience and healthy business practice, we can provide the necessary network, resources, and skill development, allowing our community members the opportunity to assume a portion of this rapidly growing market share; obtaining a forward-thinking mind-set, and reacquiring a sense of purpose, direction, and comradery that is often lost in the transition back into civilian living.

Doglins Official

Doglins are a cursed race of dogs who were turned into half goblins and half dogs by a Wicked Witch. They are now on a quest to hunt down said Witch and make her undo their curse. Some say they saw the Wicked Witch in the Metaverse! Is this true? There is only one way to find out, they too must enter the unknown realms of the Metaverse.

Doglins dream of becoming financially free and will follow the Doglin King until they are all their own bosses. They will be coached and learn how to start building a brand or company of their own. However only dedicated Doglins will achieve this goal and only if they put in the work.


From the bane of black nothingness, a protuberance appeared.

Like a flicker of hope for new beginnings, it fed, and grew, even larger than the multiverse herself. Until from within its core, it tore open, with a blast that ripped through space and time, an explosion that echoed for generations to come.

Particles of intense heat spread light years away from each other, and became stars, while the elemental bubbles formed the numerous planets. Those closer to the stars evolved hotter than the rest, according to the laws of physics, and was called SCORCHED.

The Mentaverse emerged from these ruins.


Aura Exchange is the first marketplace to reward its community with Aura. Member rewards. Launching with trading on over 700 chains including ETH, Sol, BSC, Poly and many more. The Aura Hub is an ecosystem that changes the way we web3 to drive the blockchain industry forward with our core principles of Safety, Efficiency and Education.


NFA™ stands for Non-Fungible-Art.  We work with iconic IP and legendary talent across sports, collectibles, music and culture to produce NFT collections that bridge the gap between digital, physical and IRL experiences. 

We’ve been building our physical venue non-stop for over a year now.  We have established hundreds of collaborations with collection founders through our Partner Project Program and together have created a global MEGACOMMUNITY.

The Graine Ledger

The primary objective of The Graine Ledger project is to deliver an unprecedented degree of control to whiskey connoisseurs. By being able to control every small detail of your whiskey as it makes its journey through a world-class distillery, connoisseurs can now capture those notes that they cherish most or create an experimental batch unlike anything anyone has tasted before.

If you just love whiskey, this is definitely the project for you. Engaging with our discord community and following our journey in developing our distillery, you will have a level of access to the whiskey industry previously unattainable. The American Genesis Collection NFT will take you on a journey with your whiskey, showing you every step in its lifecycle, and finally delivering to you a fine spirit that can consolidate the entire experience.

Meet The Founders Team​


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Co-Founder | COO | Marketing


Co-Founder | Web Developer | Founder SHIBU Charity Fund

SHIBU Society's first documented Charity Event​