SHIBU Society Saturday Spaces Eps. 01

SHIBU Society AMA – Charity Reveal Party

During the Holiday we made a new collection of 222 Holiday SHIBUs. We gave away these SHIBUs for free during spaces and games events. On January 7th these Holiday SHIBUs revealed to a Charity SHIBU, all with different traits. The Holders of these Charity SHIBUs can decide whether they want to keep it or sell it on the secondary marketplace (on Opensea). On the secondary marketplace we added a Royalty Fee of 10%, and 100% of it goes to our Charity Wallet. (ShibuCharityFund.eth) These funds will be donated to Institutions who take care of Children with Disabilities and Orphanages. During this events we gave away many prizes worth of $1K in ETH and a $Kibble Token drop to people to participated.

Missed the space? Follow the link below and listen to the recordings. We had so much fun!