Mint Date: June 7th

Pre-sale  : 2 SOL
Public Sale : 2.5 SOL

Supply: 7780 Collectables 

74 Rare Guardians


The Guardians is a 3D collection of 7777 collectables that combine business utilities with Play-To-Earn gaming. “The Guardians” is the first artist collab project from “SHIBU Society’s Artist Collaborations Division”. SHIBU Society is a web3 organization that specializes in building NFT projects with business utilities. We have a partnership with multiple web3
projects, which in return give more utilities to our holders. Our “SHIBU: Genesis Collection” consists of 10 (ten) Business Utilities.


“The Guardians” are a race of immortal mythological beings that were created by the Goddess Hera (Wife of Zeus) & Aphrodite (Goddess of Love). Hera always blamed mankind for all the destruction they brought upon earth & always dreamed of creating her own version of earth. She secretly created a beautiful Utopia in the Alfheim realm and inhabited it with beautiful beings. These beings were created to be the Guardians of this Utopia, for it may never be visited by mankind. These Guardians were divided into 12 Tribes, with each Tribe tied to the bloodline of a Greek God.


SHIBU Society is known for building NFT projects that provide their holders with profitable & long term utilities. That same concept we applied to our Guardians collection. By being a holder of a Guardian NFT, you immediately gain access to 5 (Five) business utilities:

Play-To-Earn Gaming

The Guardians will have its own Token gated Play-To-Earn game. Holders can either use their Guardian NFT to profit from our Play- To-Earn ecosystem, or create a new passive income by renting out their Guardian NFT to other gamers. Our game will be called: “Clash of the Guardians”. We will go further into details below in our gaming section.

Advance IP Ownership

Each holder will automatically have full IP Ownership of his Guardian NFT, but to add even more value, we introduce a next level of IP ownership. There will be a total of 60 Guardian NFT’s that will have a hidden item embedded into that NFT. This hidden item is the full 3D animated OBJ file of that Guardian
NFT. With that OBJ file, you can make unlimited versions of your Guardian and resell them on other gaming platform or gaming marketplaces. The average price of a Full 3D animation character lies in the range of $200-$2000. With this utility we give holders another form of business utility that can create a sizable amount of income. Holders will have the ability to claim their Hidden Item or to leave it unclaimed and resell it at a higher price, because of its rare utility. Either way it all brings more profit & value to the holder.

Discord Holders Games

As a holder of a Guardian NFT you have access to our discord holders game which is held weekdays from Monday – Friday. In our holders game, you can win up to $50 in ETH each day just by playing our daily Rumble games. Up till now we have paid out $1000
each month to our holders for the last 9 months. At 75% mint, we will increase the daily amount to $75 in ETH each day. This results in an increase in monthly payout to our community from $1000 to $1500. After each collection we launch, a percentage of the mint sales will be allocated to continue hosting these
Discord Holder’s Games. Sustainability is our
number 1 priority.

The Guardian Gatekeeper

There will be a total of 420 presale portal passes on the ETH Blockchain. Each portal pass represent 1 of the 12 Guardian tribes. The 420 portal passes will be divided into 12 batches of 35, meaning there will be a total of 35 portal passes per tribe. These portal passes allow the holder to mint a Guardian NFT before public sale at the presale price. After the launch of our public sale, these portal passes become rare collectables. By collecting all 12 presale portal passes in 1 (one) wallet you officially become a “Guardian Gatekeeper”. A Guardian Gatekeeper is the only traveler that has access to all 12 realms. As the Gatekeeper you will receive a rare 1/1 Guardian NFT and will also be eligible for our selected airdrops & gifts throughout the year.