Our Discord server will be the portal that connects us with our members worldwide. It only makes perfect sense that we make this environment as fun and engaging as possible. After the launch of our Genesis Collection (1st collection) we will host weekly Trivia’s & Games in our members-only discord channel to bring fun engagement to our server. There will be a total amount of USDC 50.000 allocated from the profits of the Genesis Collection to fund these Trivia giveaways. The weekly price will be USDC 2500 that will be divided amongst 10 lucky winners. After the launch of our 2nd collection another USDC 100.000 will be reserved for the Trivia/Games. The same will be done with profits from the 3rd collection after it has been launched.

This means that we can provide for at least 40 members the chance to win USDC 250 every week when participating in our weekly Trivia’s/Games for a minimum period of 24 months (2 years). When the minimum period of 24 months have passed we will use our Royalty Funds to extend our Discord Trivia/Game.