Members will be able to stake their SHIBU and receive daily reward tokens ($Kibble Tokens). These reward tokens can be utilized in the SHIBU Society Marketplace & utilized as governance token in our DAO. Our Marketplace will consist of Blue Chipped NFT & Metaverse Lands that can only be purchased with our reward token ($Kibble). We will allocate 25% of the Total Sales from the 1st Collection as Liquidity for our reward token ($Kibble). Every member of a staked SHIBU will receive daily rewards of $Kibble5. The launch price of $Kibble 1 will be $2. Our goal is to be a sustainable project that can withstand market volatility (e.g. a Bear market) while growing in price value each day. We have kept a close eye on multiple NFT projects that provide utility tokens as staking rewards and have monitored their charts for a period of 14 months. We,ve used those analytics to provide a better tokenomics system for our Project. While other projects may start of with a high price of their utility token, analytics show that those prices were unsustainable, resulting in a decrease in price value of that utility token. With $Kibble being utilized as governance token for our DAO, used as the only form of payment in our Marketplace & utilized as a form of payment for our 3rd collection we hereby create enough demand and utility for our token.