As a SHIBU Society Member you gain access to our exclusive Marketplace. Our Marketplace will consist of Blue Chipped NFT’s & Metaverse Lands that can only be purchased with our staking reward token ($Kibble). There will be an amount of USDC 500.000 allocated from the total sales of the 1st collection to purchase the first batch of Blue Chipped NFT’s to list on our Marketplace.  There will be a Royalty Fee of 3% allocated from every secondhand sale to fund the Treasury Account. The Treasury Account is the wallet that will be used to purchase more Metaverse Land & Blue Chipped NFT’s to list on our Marketplace. The DAO will have voting right to decide what to do with the profits from every sale that takes place in our Marketplace. The DAO will then have to decide per vote if 25% of the sales should be redistributed to SHIBU members, burned or utilized elsewhere.