What is SHIBU Society?

SHIBU (Sincere & Honest Individuals with Business Utilities) Society was created by three (3) skillful friends who not only built a strong friendship, but also shared the same dreams and strong commitment to achieve them. Our dream is to use our skills to build a Successful & Sustainable project that not only provides tons of Value to our Members, but also gives back and help those who are less fortunate(Charity). We utilized our skills effectively and poured some Love & Creativity into our Design. This resulted in the creation of SHIBU.

How will SHIBU Society provide its members with Exclusive Benefits, Values & Privileges?

By providing the Best & Most Profitable Utility cases for your SHIBU. We believe in providing value for price & have implemented this mindset when we created this NFT Project. See our “SHIBU Society’s Multiple Utilities” section in our Whitepaper for an in depth explanation on every Utility we provide.

How many NFT’s does one SHIBU collection have?

Our 1st project will consist of 3 collections: “SHIBU Genesis (Female), SHIBU Male & SHIBU Pup”. Every SHIBU collection will consist of 9000 SHIBU NFT’s with 300 traits.

What is the mint price?

Mint Price: 0.075 ETH

When is the Launch date?

Launch is set on September 17th

What are the Utilities?

We have Nine (9) Utilities; Weekly USDC Discord Prizes, Lifetime Whitelist Membership, Full Intellectual Property (IP) Ownership, Buy Back + Burn, Staking, SHIBU Society Marketplace, DAO Voting Rights, Fractionalized Blue Chipped NFT, SHIBU Diamond Hands Reward. See our “Utilities“ section in our Whitepaper for an in depth explanation on every Utility we provide.

Which Crypto Wallet should be used to mint a SHIBU?

Our wallet of choice is METAMASK.

What is the max amount of SHIBU’s 1 (one) wallet can mint?


Will there be an NFT reveal option?

Yes, reveal option will be activated on the 3rd day after launch.

When will Staking be available?

Staking will be available after launch of our 2nd Collection.

When will I start receiving Yield for Staking my SHIBU?

After you have staked your SHIBU, you can already claim your first staking rewards the next day.

Do I need to claim my Staking Rewards every day or can I claim it once per week?

There is no specific time limit implemented in the smart contract when it comes to claiming your daily rewards. You can claim your Staking Rewards on any given time or day. Keep in mind that there will be gasfees when claiming your daily rewards. With that said we would advise our members to claim their daily rewards once per week, this provides more value since you will be paying less gas fees in comparison to claiming daily.

What is the minimum vesting period before I can un-stake my SHIBU?

There is no minimum vesting period for un-staking your SHIBU. We give our society members full rights to stake and un-stake their SHIBU whenever they feel like it.

How do I receive Fractionalized NFT Rewards?

See our “SHIBU Society’s Multiple Utilities “section in our Whitepaper for an in depth explanation on every Utility we provide

Is it true that SHIBU Society will host weekly discord trivia’s/games with cash prices up to USDC 2000?

Yes it’s true. We believe in providing a Fun, Excited & Engaging Discord for our society members and what better way to do that then engaging in fun discord games/trivias with cash prices. There will be special funds allocated from the sales of every collection to fund this give away. See our “SHIBU Society’s Multiple Utilities'' section in our Whitepaper for an in depth explanation on every Utility we provide.

Can you explain more about your “Artist Collaborations Division”?

Our “Artist Collaborations Division” will consist of NFT projects where we are in collaboration with Graphic Designers who create Unique, Beautiful & Iconic Art. We are currently already in the process of finalising a collaboration with a 3D Graphic Designer whit a substantial enough following on Instagram who is known for delivering Gorgeous Realistic 3D Art. Further details will be shared to our members within our Society.