SHIBU (Sincere & Honest Individuals with Business Utilities) Society was created by three (3) skillful friends who not only built a strong friendship, but also shared the same dreams and strong commitment to achieve them. Our dream is to use our skills to build a Successful & Sustainable project that not only provides tons of Value to our Members, but also gives back and help those who are less fortunate(Charity). We utilized our skills effectively and poured some Love & Creativity into our Design. This resulted in the creation of SHIBU. 

SHIBU is an exclusive community-based project with the goal of building a Strong Members-Only Community that provides its members with Exclusive Benefits, Values & Privileges.

One of our unique Privileges that we are proud to introduce to our members is our ‘’Lifetime Whitelist Membership”. This gives our members a 100% Whitelist membership to all our Upcoming Projects + Partial Whitelist membership to our “Artist Collaborations Division”. This eliminates the need to do extra grinding for Whitelist spots once you are a member of our Society.


Our “Artist Collaborations Division” will consist of NFT projects where we are in collaboration with Graphic Designers who create Unique, Beautiful & Iconic Art. We are currently already in the process of finalising a collaboration with a 3D Graphic Designer with a substantial enough following on Instagram who is known for delivering Gorgeous Realistic 3D Art. Further details will be shared to our members within our Society.


Together We Stand Strong, Together We March Forward On”:

(A Strong community is the foundation of a successful project).

Value For Price,Makes Everything Nice”:

(We believe it providing tons of Value & Benefits for a reasonable price)

We hold these core values high and are currently busy building a strong dedicated community. A community that not only has the fundamentals of a real family but most importantly a community that provides its members with Exclusive Benefits, Values & Privileges.